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On the Surface, the new privacy changes look harmless - but with further inspection, you’ll find that Google has been threatened by the government so that from March 1st (beginning of Black March) - they can monitor your IP address and give in ANY info about you straight to them. 

Those jokes about the electric chair may no longer be just jokes. They will track you down and arrest/mega-sue you - and all through Google. 

It’s happened before - babies and children 12 years old have been sued (and their families) - a 16 year old from the UK got taken to court in the US for having a site that posed links to pirated content. That’s not illegal.

Here’s what they take from you - taken directly from their site about their new privacy laws

We collect information in two ways:

 (They’ll know what you look like, and what your name is)


They can even find you if your NOT in the US - Google processes personal information on our servers in many countries around the world. We may process your personal information on a server located outside the country where you live.”

Now, this is where they will turn you, and all the info they have on you, to the government

If your Google Account is managed for you by a domain administrator (EVERY GOOGLE USER) then your domain administrator and resellers who provide user support to your organization will have access to your Google Account information (including your email and other data). Your domain administrator may be able to:

What makes me laugh, as in hahaha how dare you, is they say that you’ll be able to stop certain info from being “collected” - but the small print says otherwise. They say that they’ll "restrict your ability to delete or edit information or privacy settings" «< THAT IS FREEDOM LOST. They’ll stop you from trying to not get found out.

They’re gonna make a library of your information and then sell it to the government if you try and use rapidshare or whatever

So, despite our efforts, Google has turned against us in this war - it’s no longer a battle - we are now at war with EVIL FORCES working against the freedom and liberation… and the Government and Obama intends not to do anything about this. He was against SOPA, and PIPA even, but he never said he’d defend the internet at all costs, so he’s out of this - he will not help you. 

We can no longer call for help, or hope someone will do something about this. It’s time that every single person that sees this realises what’s happening and puts a stop to it. NOW.

We have until March 1st to leave Google and make something happen. Yes, Leave it for good. So all you people seeing this on Chrome, it’s time to change browser. For those that have google as their main search engine, it’s time to change your main search engine. For Safari users who have Google as their search bar, its time to change. The most it takes is 5 minutes. Transferring bookmarks is easy - export them from Chrome to your computer, then import them to your new browser. Change in your settings to change your main search engine - the only way to bring Google back to it’s real self is to let it fall.

Unless you wanna be sued from all your wordly possessions and have no hope in hell of getting justice from the government or anything else - it’s time to change, NOW.

Be sure to get this seen by as many people as possible - reblog, send the link to your Facebook and twitter accounts, talk to friends and all your family! Tell your school teachers! Get the word known worldwide!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of Love and freedom to all!

Fightthemane xxx

Alternative to Google Chrome

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it’s legit people.


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and they mostly talk about the things they won’t be able to watch or listen to, but it’s much more serious than that.

  • You will be punished for any copyrighted you share, even if it’s accidental (That means that all of those recording artist that got started by singing covers on youtube would have been in violation, Beiber. If you post a video of anything and there’s a popular song in the background, censored. )
  • Fortune 500 companies, Big Pharma, and Hollywood would have the power to demand small start-up companies online be shut down or fined into oblivion if they feel that they’re not doing their censoring correctly.
  • Sites will be held responsible, or even shutdown, for anything that any user posts.
  • With ACTA, governments will have the power to monitor you and your family’s actions through your internet provider to make sure that you’re not violating copyrights.

These things are serious and they’re being kept quiet and voted on today. SOPA/PIPA may only effect US companies, but ACTA will effect 39 countries. ACTA is scary. Take action and stay informed.

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