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Sofía Vergara on Saturday Night Live.

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Ah yes, it’s already the time of year where we all turn into hyenas and rip apart what people are wearing and calculate just how much can go wrong when they deliver their acceptance speech!
Even though none of my favourite tv shows won and I try not to bitch about how much Evan Peters and Norman Reedus both deserve every single award, I always enjoy having a peek at who ends up going and what they end up wearing.

I have to say, I was really surprised at how many outfits I really liked this year, so I thought I’d share with you the ones I personally think nailed it.

Michael Fassbender

Ohhh Fassy, you look so fine even with a shaved head. He makes a suit look so casual; like he was born in it. And a smile is also a nice cherry-on-top.

Dianna Agron

I absolutely LOVE the top half! What a way to accentuate shoulders and the neckline, it’s so beautiful and unique.

Emma Stone

Ugh, she always takes my breath away. Em makes the material look like it just fell on her and floats around her like a Greek goddess. Oh, you.

Ewan McGregor

Ewie makes anything look good, but with that contagious smile of his, he makes his own wife (Eve) look second best. There’s something about that slim tie and his hair that screams ‘Ewan’!

Angelina Jolie

MY QUEEN! She hit the two popular tones of the night (red and pale shades) without looking like everyone else. She looks flawless in every way possible with a shapely gown, red lips and matching purse, to the guy on her side (who is he? Because he looks damn good).

Amber Riley

This dress is hot in every way possible. It also shows that red can be worn by anyone, anywhere, as long as you play the shade and style right. Absolutely beautiful.

Nicole Kidman

If you’ve been following us for a while, you might have noticed that I really don’t like many of Nic’s style choices because.. well it all looks the same. Even though this is the same shade and tone she’s been wearing for quite a few years, the patterned embellishments, different textures and the paired golden accessories all look amazing on her.

Kate Winslet

If Angie’s my queen, then Kate is my human wife. You know you’re gorgeous and amazing when you can do simple and look damn fine. I believe no one else could have pulled this dress off better than Kate; she has the body, the look and this element of sex appeal-without-having-to-look-like-sex that no one can copy.

Michelle Williams

When I first saw Michelle in this, I wasn’t sure what to think of it; it makes her look to old, but there’s something very ‘Mia Farrow’y about her that I really love. Her signature cropped hair and that ageless face of hers really balance out the this more covered up look.

Paula Patton

I am a sucker for yellow, so I was very happy to see Paula go against the grain and show herself off like a burst of sunshine! The colour goes so beautifully with her skin and I love her hair casually smoothed back.

Gerard Butler

Like every sane person on the planet, I like me some Gerry Butler and boooy, I looove staring at his beautiful, scruffy face! His longer locks, short beard with a beautiful button up shirt and bowtie combo are just hitting all the right fangirl spots!

Kate Beckinsale

I’m not really a fan of what Kate usually wears to these big events, but I love everything about this dress; the colour, the curled corset-styled top half, the delicate and flowing fishtail with beautiful accessories (even though I think the earrings are a bit much). She definitely nailed it.

Peter Dinklage

First off, I want to say how happy I am that Peter is finally getting the recognition he deserves, he is such an amazing actor and should be a role model for everyone. Secondly, look how damn amazing he looks. Following in the ‘wild hair and some face fur’ trend, I am all for more men doing it!

Tilda Swinton

No one can ever pull off what Tilda can and you know it’s going to be a fashion showdown if she’s in town! Besides Pink, I think the hairstyle couldn’t be pulled off by anyone else; the powder blue coat-n-dress ensemble takes epicness and massive balls to pull off. Tilda, you are my hero.

Nicole Richie

I haaaaaaaaaaaaaate silver, so why do I love Nicole in this? She just makes it look so good. Maybe it’s the strong angles? Who knows and who even cares, I think she looks amazing and her hair looks beautiful.

Idris Elba

I just wanted to show a better picture of Idris’ top half (including that beautiful faaaace), I’m really loving the tie, black rose and this coat.. it’s.. just.. fsdjkfdakfd…

Rooney Mara

Definitely not slipping away from the Lisbeth Salander-style of things, I really love the cheeky side cutouts as well as the plume of ruffles spilling from the back (and you can never go wrong in black!).

Octavia Spencer

She. Looks. Like. Perfection. What a beautiful colour against that gorgeous skin of hers as well as the gathering in the centre (perfect if you want to show your curves but hide imperfections around your tummy). A classy updo is always a winner- fabulous!

Sofia Vergara

Hey, she’s got the curves and the hair to look like a real-life mermaid, why not do it? I really love the colour and textures and even though this is something that’s a little bit dark than what she normally wears, I think it’s a very successful risk.

Charlize Theron

What a cheeky one she is, always wearing a deep plunging neckline and showing some leg. One thing I really loved about this dress was the cascade of material above the leg, very Charlize.

Helen Mirren

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- when I grow up I wanna look like Helen Mirren. So is the boss, bomb, epic, gorgeous and every argument you could ever have is invalid. Hell, how many people could pull of ruffles from the waist-down?

Leonardo Dicaprio

Sir Swish himself! I love just staring at Leo at awards ceremonies, there’s something so Rat Pack about his look and I love it. The lapels, button-up shirt, bowtie, his hair, it’s just very Sinatra.