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come with me

and you’ll be

in a world

of image

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my favourite part about tumblr mobile is when the gifs from a completely irrelevant gifset appear in place of another because it’s not loading fast enough leading to a brief moment of confusion every time because i never learn

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Anonymous said,
"that blowout video was insaanne. what the hell is "true african american hair"? and why the drying and straightening only to wet it and repeat the first process? is it safe to bust your cuticles open just to absorb the chemical? makin my scalp burn. i hope her hair still exists."






crazy right?!

that “true african american” shit is lost on me, and i’ve learned to tune that mess out from most stylists smh

that wet-dry-wet-dry process is horrible and they do that + the heat to BOND the chemical to the hair, so it. aint. goin. NOWHERE.

if she still has hair, it’s not in good shape at all i promise

I just shook my head at that video…it’s not natural

right. there’s a lot of “yes man’ naturals telling people it is and it’s ok for hair though

A true natural doesn’t say that. A true natural knows heat and especially a lot of heat along with chemicals is not good for our hair. She is going to have major heat damage then wonder what she did wrong smdh. Her hair was already damaged to begin with like why would you? Her stylist most definitely didn’t tell her the truth otherwise she probably wouldnt have done it.

I’m not sure what “a true natural” is, but her stylist needed to inform her that process isn’t meant for our hair. No matter the texture. A lot of companies see people are going back to natural so they do whatever for money. Like calling keratin a product that controls frizz while straightened. People pay thirty dollars for curl pudding because they think that’s what they need. Different hair sometimes call for different products. You don’t need a thirty dollar product to do something a three first product chasm do. I’ve been natural my entire life. No products or chemicals added to straighten it. I know what my hair can and can’t do. The problem is there are so many “tips and tricks” people want to offer that nobody goes to an actual stylist for professional help. Some stylist don’t charge you just to tell you how to care for your hair. In beauty school we were taught to teach our clients how to manage their own hair while at home. Some stylist perfer to have you come to them for everything just for money that they don’t even care how you keep up with your hair just as long as you come back to see then. I get pissed off when I see people making others feel bad for not being natural or not having a relaxer. Her stylist is what’s really pissing me off because she’s not fully doing her job at TEACHING her client about the process.
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april the 20th be with you

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"There is no substitute for Palestine…except Paradise"


"There is no substitute for Palestine…except Paradise"

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weve been digging this band ever since Rocky introduced us to thier music in Tel Aviv

this is my favorite song from them… check it

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White people think they so slick using different ways to say nigga. You better not call me your Nig, your N-word, matter fact I better not catch you calling me anything with a N in it. Don’t even call me your neighbor